David Samuel Kim

Hi, I'm David! I've worked at various SF Bay Area startups as an engineer and engineering manager when I got interested in tech recruiting. I consulted for staffing agencies and companies to help them find and place engineers at companies ranging from small startups to large well-known companies.

Along the way, I realized tools recruiters used were either clunky and unintuitive or built to serve salespeople and marketers. So I built out Trinsly to serve recruiters. I spend my time doing a little bit of everything from customer service to engineering.

Eric Liu

Hi, I'm Eric! I've had many careers including that of an online poker pro before becoming a software engineer in NYC. I've worked at various NYC startups wearing many hats from software engineer to designer to product manager.

I got interested in the recruiting space when recruiters kept reaching out to me with roles that weren't relevant on LinkedIn and thought there must be a better way. I spend my time designing and building out new features with a sprinkle of sales.