What is Trinsly?

Trinsly is a tool to help successful recruiters automate parts of their job including candidate outreach and management.

Who uses Trinsly?

More than 95% of our customers are recruiters at small and large staffing agencies and internal recruiters/sourcers in small and large companies.

What permissions does Trinsly require?

We ask for read permissions and write permissions for your e-mail provider so we can automate your e-mail outreach and stop follow-ups when you get a reply. With Outlook or Google you can revoke authorization at any time.

Will Trinsly work with my e-mail provider?

Trinsly integrates with Google Suite/GMail, Office365, and IMAP/SMTP. If you're unsure of what you're using please schedule a demo or e-mail us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.

Which email address will emails be sent from?

Yours! All e-mails come from you and will be in your sent folder.

Do I have to send follow-ups?

No, Trinsly users see an increase in response by 200-300% when they follow-up but you can send one message if you'd like.

Great, I can send automated follow-ups, but what if a prospect responds?

When you get a response, all follow-ups automatically stop.

Can I try Trinsly?

We offer a 10-day trial to any new customers. Just schedule a demo and we'll get you started.

What if Trinsly doesn't work for me?

We offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Is Trinsly secure?

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We are hosted on AWS which are accredited under ISO 27001, SOC1/SOC2, PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate, and SOX compliance.

We only access your account to send e-mails, receive e-mails from relevant parties, and check for follow-ups. With your controls from your e-mail provider you should be able revoke access to your account at any time.