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Trinsly LinkedIn

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Double your response rate

Following up three times in two weeks doubles your response rate. Trinsly takes care of follow-ups that stop when prospects reply.

Always Follow Up

Source faster without having to switch tabs

No more excel spreadsheets, copying & pasting messages, setting reminders, or switching to your ATS. Understand and personalize reach outs directly from wherever you found the candidate.

No Context Switching

Re-engage with past candidates

Timing is everything. See all previous outreach on LinkedIn, GitHub, or other profile page to tailor your messaging and re-engage candidates you've reached out previously.

Always Follow Up

"I never have to switch tabs when sourcing again."

You + Trinsly

Send personalized e-mails with follow-ups in 5 seconds directly from LinkedIn, your ATS, or any website.
No more switching tabs between LinkedIn/Github/Stack, Gmail/Outlook, your ATS, and Excel/Spreadsheet.
Immediately know on any profile page who in your organization reached out, when they reached out, and about what roles.
Email Integration
Integrate directly with Google Apps, Office365, and IMAP/SMTP. All e-mails go out from your sent folder and all replies go directly into your inbox.
Track response rates, email open rates, and link open rates.
Easily A/B test campaigns to craft the perfect messages.
No more manually entering your prospects into your ATS or a spreadsheet or settings reminders to follow-up.
ATS Integration
Connect your ATS with an API whether it's Greenhouse, iCims, Bullhorn, or your own.

"It's so user-friendly and easy to navigate and integrates so well with LinkedIn."

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